What’s Adulting 101?

Hai! I’m Carmen Sakurai - single mom, certified life strategist, teacher, mental/emotional wellness coach, and Amazon best selling author.

Let’s begin by looking at the word…


Stuffy. Mundane. I visualize a colorless, exhausting existence overbooked with responsibilities, obligations, and demands.

“Ohhh! That’s exactly how I want to do life!” … said no one ever.

Enter your very own Adulting 101 community.

What’s Inside Adulting 101

  • PREMIUM adulting cheat sheets, 

  • Parenting survival guides, 

  • Links to apps and tools to help keep our minds and emotions from blowing up or turning to sewage gunk,

  • It’s Carmen Time podcast,

  • It’s Carmen Time videos.

  • Fast paying side-hustles, and 

  • Insider updates to help you stay on TOP of your game! 💪

The goal is to keep us sane, motivated, and feeling supported.

Are you in?



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